Meaningful relationships lie at the core of the School’s values of confidence, independence, persistence, resilience and respect. Our teachers are deeply committed to the wellbeing of all students.  We aim to build student confidence by working together to supported their learning and their personal growth.

Confident children are not afraid to make mistakes when learning something new but we need to let them know that making mistakes is something we all do. Confident children believe that they will be successful if they try hard so it is just as important, if not more so, to reward effort as well as talent.  Encourage your child to ask for help when they have tried their very best but they feel that there is something missing. Confident children expect to be liked and make to friends but we know that’s not always as easy as it sounds. A knockback or rebuttal can be seen as a major setback resulting in trepidation to join in so as a parent or teacher we need to make positive supportive statements that don’t disempower but encourage the child to try again or move on. This is resilience another of our core values and the subject of another blog post.

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End of 2016 News

Dear school community,

Thank you to the parents who have assisted the school in so many different ways from school council, classroom support, committee membership, canteen duty, student banking, working bee participation, lost property, help with sporting teams and attendance at excursions.

Farewell to all the families who complete their association with Ivanhoe Primary School next week. I extend a sincere thank you to each family for their involvement and contribution to our school over the years.

Thank you to the teachers, support staff and office staff who contributed to our student's education and development.

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Digital Learning Technologies (DLT)

Our DLT Vision: (draft):

Digital Learning at IPS will be irresistibly engaging for students and teachers across all learning areas and domains. Our students will become innovative and confident users of digital technologies, using technology to communicate, collaborate, curate and create, while fostering higher order thinking skills and real-life problem solving. (IPS Vision Committee)

To achieve the school’s vision of increased hardware, better access for teacher professional development and greater technical support requires substantial financial commitment. Government funding is insufficient to permit the realisation of the school’s vision. In 2017 the school will ask parents to pay a DLT co-contribution to enable the progression of the school’s vision. Anyone who has visited a classroom, attended the cyber safety evening and or the impressive innovation day can see that community support is vital to continue this great work that directly benefits every student.

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November update

Dear school community,

Congratulations to Maya Cotton who achieved outstanding results in English for the ICAS global assessment.

On Saturday, Maya, along with her family and Mrs Morrison attended an award ceremony at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre celebrating the achievements of all Victorian students. How exciting! Well done Maya.

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From the Principal

Dear school community,

Congratulations to staff and students on what I heard was an exceptional International Day. A celebration of diversity and inclusion - thank you to all those behind the scenes who worked so hard to make International Day a fabulous event and to everyone who got into the spirit of the day.

Ms Jones and I spent the day, with other school leadership teams, looking at school data from student engagement and wellbeing to student achievement and best practice teaching and I am pleased to report that IPS is tracking very well indeed. This also supports many of the findings emerging from our school review process.

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