Thank you.

Work begins next week on the installation of smartboards for the art room, the music room and multipurpose room.

This would not be possible without your support for the Digital Learning Technology Co-contribution.

*The Digital Learning Technology Co-contributions can be paid through the office.

“A parent’s guide to kids in the digital age. “

I read in the paper the other day an article titled “Mum’s screen rules”. Never mind dads you can still get involved. The interesting part of the article sourced Dr Kristy Goodwin on practical tips on “How to manage kids’ techno time” and they’re pretty good if you are looking for a management strategy for home.

“Calculate healthy amounts of screen time using this formula:

  • Start with 24 hours.
  • Then subtract the time needed for sleep.
  • Then subtract the time needed for school.
  • Then subtract the time needed for play / family time etc.
  • Then subtract time for movement.
  • Then subtract time for eating.
  • The time left over at the end of this process may be allotted to screens...”

Remember if you see something online that makes you feel uncomfortable, unsafe or worried: leave the website, turn off your computer and tell a trusted adult immediately.