Joining Foundation Class (Grade Prep) at IPS next year?

This is an overview of our Transition and Foundation programs. Please contact us if you have further queries.


  • Parent Handbook issued in December each year.
  • Information Session held in December each year.

This year’s Preschool to Foundation Transition Sessions:

  • Foundation Information Night will be held in the Multi-Purpose Room or the Treehouse on Monday December 10th 7pm..
  • The first transition visit for preschool children enrolled for 2018 will be held on Tuesday September 5th - 9.15 - 10.15am.
  • The second transition visit for preschool children enrolled for 2018 will be held on Wednesday October 11th - 9.15 - 10.15am.
  • The third transition visit for preschool children enrolled for 2018 will be held on Thursday November 9th - 9.15 - 10.30am.
  • The forth transition visit for preschool children enrolled for 2018 will be held on Tuesday December 11th - 9.15 - 11.00am. - MEET THE TEACHER

Student Information Pack including a photo of each Foundation student's "Grade 2 Buddy" and their new teacher will be sent home during January.

Transition & Foundation Programs

The transition process from kindergarten to school is an extremely important time in a child's life. We believe in working closely with parents and pre-school teachers to ensure students are well prepared and feel secure and comfortable in their new surroundings.

At Ivanhoe Primary, we pride ourselves on our well organised and thorough transition program, which consists of a number of 1-2 hour sessions throughout Terms 3 and 4. These sessions enable new students to gain an insight into school life and help to assist in a smooth transition from kindergarten.

During the sessions students meet Specialist teachers and get to experience Music and Physical Education as well as take tours around the school. The preschool children get the chance to work and play in a Foundation classroom and in the final session in December they will meet their teacher and classmates for next year.

Our Foundation program is engaging and interactive, with a focus on fostering strong Literacy and Numeracy skills. We believe children learn best through hands on, meaningful activities which encourage students to use their imagination and explore topics using all their senses.

Excursions and Incursions, guest speakers and a play-based learning focus combine to engage students in the topics studied. We have exceptional Specialist Programs in Art, Physical Education, Italian, Music and Information Technology as well as extra-curricular programs in chess, the arts and sport. 

In addition to a strong focus on Literacy and Numeracy, student welfare is a major focal point at Ivanhoe Primary. Social skills, emotional resilience, persistence and organisation are taught through programs such as 'You Can Do It' and the Buddy system, coupled with a comprehensive, whole-school approach to student welfare and expected standards of behaviour. Our Buddy system and a Grade 5/6 peer leader support system for new students at playtimes provide additional support for students outside of the classroom.


Upcoming Events

02 Mar 2020
Curriculum Day Literacy – Pupil free day
15 Mar 2020 09:00AM
Foundation Working Bee
27 Mar 2020
Term 1 ends