The Ivanhoe Primary School community is vibrant and welcoming.  If you'd like more information on how to join us, please read on, and feel free to contact us for more information.

Can we join IPS? See our school zone online go to 

Student intake is a difficult and sometimes emotional topic for all schools to manage.  To help you understand our process here are some facts (things we cannot change) and guidelines:

  • Our school has an enrolment ceiling (maximum) based on our size / facilities.
  • Our school has a defined catchment area where we must accept enrolments (as we are the closest Government Primary School in a "straight-line" to residents in the catchment area).
  • Our school has to manage student intake within our ceiling which may include denying enrolment to students from outside our catchment area.

To determine the closest government school to your residential address you can use the same tool we do.

The Department has released a new website that helps parents identify their local public school online. launched mid 2019 and shows every school zone across the state. The new website highlights the choice of public schools available to the Victorian community.
If your child is preparing to enter Year 7 and want to know more about the public secondary school options in our area, or you know someone who is interested in enrolling at our school, try today

Enrolments at Ivanhoe Primary are high and close to our ceiling, resulting in the following general guidelines the school considers when reviewing enrolment requests from outside our catchment area:

  • International fee paying students are not accepted
  • We first process catchment area enrolments and then consider the overall class sizes to determine if enrolments will be accepted from outside the catchment area
  • Priority may be given where siblings are already enrolled at the school.

School Tours

If you'd like to take a tour of the school, who better to give you the honest inside word than our students themselves.  A tour of the school can be organised at any time with one of our Junior School Councillors (students) or with our Principal if available.  Just contact the office and we'll arrange a time.

Education Week Open Day

Education Week 2020 is 18th May to the 22nd May.

POSTPONED -Open Day (Morning) is scheduled for the 20th May between 9.30am – 11.00am

How to Enrol

Foundation enrolments for 2021 opened on April 14, 2021 (for children who will be 5 by April 30 in the enrolment year).

Enrolment for 2021 will open in April of 2020..

Enrolment forms will be available from March 26th on the school website.

Requirements for enrolment:

  • Your child must be 5 or older by April 30 in the enrolment year
  • Check to see if IPS is your closest government school (see links)
  • You need to complete & lodge the Enrolment Form with the school 
  • We will need a copy of your child's birth and immunisation certificates (must be received prior to the start of the school year)
  • If transferring from another school please bring educational information such as school reports, assessment information and any other relevant files from your previous school

Any changes in enrolment information should be reported to the office as soon as possible, especially Emergency Contacts, Change of Address / Contact Details, etc.

School Handbook


Upcoming Events

02 Nov 2020
Curriculum Day Data and Assessment Pupil Free Day
12 Nov 2020 09:10AM
Transition Orientation Session 2
22 Nov 2020 09:00AM
Year 1 and Year 2 Working Bee