From the Principal

Dear school community,

Ivanhoe Primary School is a community where exciting things are going on all the time. Sometimes evident and obvious and other times seemingly behind the scenes. Here's a snapshot update of a couple of things you may or may not be aware of.

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From the Principal

Dear IPS Community,

The School Review - The importance and power of feedback.

Feedback is a powerful influence on learning. As teachers and / or parents we know that the impact of our feedback can be positive or negative depending on how we approach it. Sometimes challenging, sometimes affirming, timely feedback is paramount to improvement. Of course there is high-level feedback and low level feedback. For example praise simply for performance does not in itself increase learning or lead to improvement however feedback that addresses questions like where am I going? How am I going? And where to next? This is more meaningful and far more likely to lead to progress and illicit positive outcomes.

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Year 4K Empathy Skits

Ivanhoe Primary School is committed to the wellbeing and academic achievement of all students. Everyone has a right to feel safe and secure, and everyone is charged with the responsibility to treat others with compassion, respect, dignity and care. During Wellbeing Week we have been consistently amazed by the capacity of our students from Foundation to Year 6 to be kind, empathetic and inclusive. Here are some of our Year 4s with a skit created on an iPad. Scripted , filmed and edited by Year 4K.

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What are we doing differently in 2016?

Students are already reaping the benefits of our future-focused strategic thinking. Our senior students have a huge influence on other students. We expect our Year 6 students to show initiative and lead by example. Meet Sera, Natasha and Giulio from Year 6V and listen to them tell you about a technology they are using for the first time.

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