At Ivanhoe Primary School we encourage parents to get involved with the school as much as they can whether that is through the formal involvement of the School Council, as a sub committee member, participation in the classroom helpers' program or as member of the parents' association.  School newsletters are a great way to find out about activities you can be involved in.

Please note: It is a department of Education requirement that All volunteers require a working with Children’s check.

Canteen Volunteers

While our Canteen is run by our Canteen Manager (Jenny Ross), without parent volunteers it would not be able to function.

If you can help even a little - please contact us so we can include you on the roster.

The roster and a standing call for more volunteers are in every school newsletter.

School Banking

Students have the option of participating in the school banking program.  To join students must open a Commonwealth Bank Account (in branch) linked to Ivanhoe Primary School.  After that students can send in their school bank book and make cash deposits every Tuesday.

For the program to run we rely on parent volunteers every Tuesday morning to process the deposits. Like the canteen, there's always room for more helpers and as the saying goes - Many hands make light work! Please contact us if you can help out.

Parents & Friends Association (PFA)

The PFA assists the school in providing the best possible environment for the children. It is responsible for activities such as the school ball, trivia night, school picnics, film nights, the Mother's Day Stall and the Father's Day Breakfast.

Meetings are each term where events are planned. Joining the Parents and Friends committee helps keep communication open within the school community and facilitates the opportunity to develop many new friendships.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining the PFA.

Classroom Helper

Parents can enjoy the opportunity to share in the educational development of students with the support and direction of teachers, by participating in the Classroom Helper program.

The Classroom Helpers' course is a component of the Victorian Early Years Literacy Program and is designed to support the work of parents, helpers and aides who assist in classrooms.  The program runs for three consecutive weeks in Term 1 and is presented by teachers from the school. 

Topics include:

  • Being a Helper
  • Helping with Speaking and Listening
  • Helping with Reading
  • Helping with Writing

Look out for notices at the start of each year or contact us for more information.

School Excursions

Various opportunities arise throughout the year for parents to participate in school excursions and activities, including walking students to swimming lessons, going on day trips (e.g. to the Zoo) or helping out on a school camp.

Please note - for some activities a parent may be required to have a Working with Children Check. As a general guideline, if a teacher is present (for example the whole class stays together on an excursion) then parents do not need a Working With Children Check. However, if a parent will be supervising individual groups without school staff present, then a Working With Children Check will be required. You can find out more information for a particular excursion from the class teacher.

Find out more and apply online (free) here:

Working Bees

working bee foundation


Working Bees are a vital part of ensuring the ongoing upkeep and maintenance of the school.  The School Council Facilities sub-committee manages the schedule and roster, and while each working bee is focussed on a particular Grade level, everyone is welcome at every working bee! If you can't make it to your Grade level's working bee, just come to the next one :-).If you can't make there is the opportunity to contribute $20 through the school office towards maintainance.

Key Dates

March 18th (Foundation) 

April 29th (Grade 6) 

June 3rd (Grade 5) 

July 22nd (Grade 4) 

August 26th (Grade 3) 

October 14th (Grade 2) 

November 25th (Grade 1) 


Please be advised that if it is not your grades working bee you are still more then welcome to attend the working bee. All help is very much appreciated.

Working bees are  held on a Sunday morning from 9am to 12pm - plenty of notice is given in the school newsletter and the schedule can also be found in the COMPASS and Website Calendars.

Not only do we achieve a lot of work around the school, it is a great opportunity to get to know other school families.

Environmental Sustainability

The Sustainability Committee is a group of parents volunteering with the school to improve our environmental footprint.   The group is actively working towards completing the ResourceSmart Schools accreditation and key ongoing sustainability improvements for the school every year.

More on volunteering at IPS. Click here.


Upcoming Events

23 May 2021 09:00AM
Working Bee - Years 5 & 6 and friends
04 Jun 2021 05:00PM
IPS Disco (2 sessions)
25 Jun 2021
Term 2 ends