Refurbishments & works

2018 Capital Works (the tree house) - update

The Capital Works schedule has proceeded to plan with minor delays due to undiscovered plumbing works delaying the excavation of the site for the footings. 

Tracey and I continue to meet fortnightly with the architects, the DET Building Authority and the construction company. Issues relating to movement within the site, noise and traffic in and around Ailsa Grove continue to be hot topics.

We have reached agreement within the guidelines of the VHBA and in the best interests of the community that construction vehicle movement be restricted during pick up and drop off times. Dust be monitored during recess and lunch and noisy ashfelt saws are not used during times where students are in the playground.

The principal is in constant contact with the site foreman and is kept apprised of changes to the current scope of work and or any practices that may be considered to pose a threat.

2018 Hall foors work

The IPS Hall floor needs resurfacing and this will occur in the term one holiday period so as not to interrupt school programs. The floor will have a general clean up and receive two coats of active Sports Finisher. In 2020 we will need to budget for the floor to be stripped, re- marked and brought back to new.

2018 Playground maintenance 

We have had a company called A_Space  carry out  a maintenance Inspection of our school playground equipment to ensure that they are safe. The report will arrive in due course and we anticipate that some repairs will be required.

2018 Looking after our trees

A Tree Audit by Assured Tree Care was completed at the close of 2017 with priority works identified. This work will cost $7304. This work will be undertaken in first term break.

A second tree inspection was carried out on 19th January by Assured Tree Care to ascertain the health of two trees at the back of the hall that appear to have been damaged. The recommendation returned proposed that a mid-sized gum be removed and replaced in April when the weather cools.