FAQ - Click on  VOLUNTEERING AT IPS for an informative document that is really helpful. -Currently COVID restrictions affect opportunities.

Ivanhoe Primary School (IPS) is committed to encouraging the whole school community to work together for the good of all students. Research shows that children whose parents/carers are engaged with their child's school and education have vastly improved their academic and social outcomes.  IPS offers a number of ways for parents to get involved throughout the school year, including:



Perceptual Motor Program (PMP - Foundation)

Fundamental Motor Skills (FMS – Foundation)

Early Literacy Program

Classroom Helpers

Parent Class Representative

School Camps 

School Council and Sub-Committee Membership


School Banking

Parents and Friends Association (PFA)

School Fair

School Walkathon

Working Bees

Sports days

Laundry of First Aid bed linen

Sorting lost property 


Guest Speakers

At Ivanhoe Primary School we encourage parents to get involved with the school as much as they can whether that is through the formal involvement of the School Council, as a sub committee member, participation in the classroom helpers' program or as member of the parents' association.  School newsletters are a great way to find out about activities you can be involved in.

Click here for more information about volunteering at IPS.  

*Please note: It is a Department of Education requirement that All volunteers require a Working with Children’s check and are double vaccinated for COVID-19..

Get your WWC here at this link.