New Year's Day
New Year's Day (in addition to Sunday 1 January)
Australia Day
Curriculum Day
Teachers return
Term 1 begins
IPS Welcome Picnic
Working Bee Foundation
Meet The Teacher Interviews
Meet The Teacher Interviews
Meet The Teacher Interviews
Meet The Teacher Interviews
Meet The Teacher Interviews
Curriculum Day
Labour Day
School Photos
IPS Twilight Fair Committee Meeting
Foundation Students commence full-time
Friends of Music Meeting
Grade 4 Camp
Battle of the Bands
Term 1 ends
Good Friday
Saturday before Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday
Easter Monday
2018 Enrolment forms available
Term 2 begins
Orchestra Music Workshop
2018 Enrolments Open
PFA Meeting
Curriculum Day
Curriculum Day
Working Bee Year 6
Year 6 Working Bee
Boroondara Eisteddfod - Orchestra
IPS Gala Ball
Mother's Day Stall
Night of Music
Night of Music
Education Week
Education Week Open Morning
Working Bee Year 5
Queen's Birthday
Year 5 School Camp
Term 2 ends
Term 3 begins
Working Bee Year 4
Working Bee Year 3
Term 3 ends
Term 4 begins
Working Bee Year 2
Curriculum Day
Melbourne Cup Day
Working Bee Year 1
The Ivanhoe Primary School Fair
IPS Twilight Fair
Cyber Safety and Social Media Parent Evening
Italiano Day and Italiano Day Lunch
Term 4 ends
Christmas Day
Boxing Day
Term 1 begins
Year 5 Information Evening
Year 6 Information Evening
Year 4 Information Evening
welcome Picnic
Year 1 & 2 Information Evening
Year 3 Information Evening
Specialist Teachers Information Evening
School Council Meeting
Meet the Teacher Week
Working Bee Foundation & Friends
Year 4 School Camp
School Council
School Photographs
Term 1 ends
Term 2 begins
School Council - Annual Report
Working Bee Year 6 & Friends
School Council
Curriculum Day
Open Morning
Night of Music (Orchestra)
Education Week
Immigration Museum excursion Y6
Cross Country Athletics
Orchestra to Hawthorn Town Hall
ICAS Science
New York Jazz Incursion Hall Yr 6
School Group Photos / family / Strings Photos
Year 1 incursions
Working Bee Year 5 & Friends
District Soccer
Camp Information Night Yr 5