This morning the acting Premier and Minister for Education announced that, on the advice of the Victorian Chief Health Officer, all Victorian Government Schools will transition back to remote learning

arrangements from Monday (31st May) to Thursday (10th of June) inclusive. In taking this step we are continuing to follow the guidance of the government and the Chief Health Officer.

This is a logical response to not unanticipated circumstances. I greatly appreciate your support as we work together to navigate through this very challenging time.

Please be assured that our staff are prepared for remote school V2.1 and as a school we have developed a strategy and set of expectations of all staff having reflected on student, staff and parent feedback.

The following structure provides a short-term response while we develop a more differentiated program in case Victoria moves to a longer period of “Remote School”.

Today your child will come home with a learning pack consisting of basic items such as an exercise book, a scrap book and their pencil case.

Week One Expectations


Teachers will use Class Dojo to send out a minimum of three learning activities.

 Generally this will consist of Literacy, Mathematics and a Specialist / Integrated subject.

Teachers will send out instructions on how to connect on WebEx for daily live sessions.

Teachers will be available in real time to answer queries by dojo messaging until 3.30pm.

The daily work program for students will be posted online by 8.45am for that day.


Each weekday


9am WebEx check in and set up the day’s expectations – mark the roll and check in with the class.

10am WebEx – a 20 – 30-minute live teaching of one of the learning foci for the that day.

1pm WebEx – teachers will be live to review the learning of the day with the students.

(after the first day teacher will provide feedback on one piece of work submitted the previous day)

I am very proud of what IPS was able to accomplish in 2020. A year that was unlike any other that Victorian education has ever seen and one in which the staff and students and parents of Ivanhoe Primary School stood up and performed in a way that many schools could only aspire to. Our community has been very positive and supportive regarding the remote learning experience and we anticipate that this short period will prove successful in keeping the community connected.

From Monday we will once again be providing daily class work remotely.

Based on our last experience of remote learning and your feedback we have made some changes to how this work is delivered and will continue to adjust things as the need arises but please be assured that we will be doing our best to cater for every student.

If you have previously borrowed a device from the school and wish to do this again, please contact the school. Please let us know if your email contact details have changed. Please contact your child’s teacher if you need additional assistance to get up and running. As we use these devices at school every day on our own network and our technician works one day a week this may take a few days to provision.

Onsite supervision will be available for students when they are not able to be supervised at home and no other arrangements can be made – including children whose parents cannot work from home and children with a disability.

Staff may well be directed to work offsite (“…those who can work from home should work from home…”) while keeping the school functioning. This may well result in a skeleton staff to keep the school operational. Without more information from the Department of Education (DET) I am reluctant to speculate further except to say; families please be aware that the few students who meet the DET criteria to attend school on site, in any capacity, will be doing the same program as those at home (taught by their teacher) but will probably not be supervised by their own classroom teacher if they are on site. We understand the challenges that parents face when working from home as well as trying to support your children’s learning at the same time, but please keep this up, the school cannot sustain large cohorts of children at school. Hopefully, it will just be until next Thursday.

We are again only able to cater for children of essential services and the most vulnerable students. We have a form that will need to be completed and returned by 3pm tomorrow so that your status can be confirmed, and we have permission to bring on site adequate staff.

An inability to cater for you this week will in no way affect future requests if required.

Please phone the office on 9499 1880 to access this form. If you meet the criteria and need onsite supervision from MONDAY please phone the office asap.

Please contact the school for more information regarding onsite schooling during a closure period. A reminder that these students should not attend if unwell and will undergo a daily temperature check on arrival.  If over 37.5 the school will be asking parents to collect their child and keep them at home, seek medical advice and not return to school until the temperature is normal and they are in full health.   Also on advice from DET, parents must keep children at home if they have any cold or flu symptoms (however mild) and be reminded they if they present with these symptoms at school they will be contacted and asked to collect their children.

Please be assured that I will continue to communicate via COMPASS and Class DoJo and I encourage you to join the schools Facebook page where we will continue to circulate other information and try and keep some normality for the children as well.

I thank you for your ongoing support and understanding. From a positive standpoint recalling that these challenges we have faced have contributed to the maintenance of the health of our family and friends.

Please stay home, stay safe and take care of yourselves and each other.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Kent