I know this will hit some families very hard, but we will get through this.

One of the lessons we learned from last time was that this period, in some households, adversely affected the family dynamic. The school tried hard to put additional supports in place but given this was new to us all there was much considerable trial and error.

This time we will further explore what additional supports and agencies we might engage with to help families keep their children at home and engaged with the school program. The Chief Health Officer has said that “…the incidence of child to child transmission has increased”. The fact is it is not possible for students to adequately social distance themselves if we have increased numbers of students returning to school.


Quotes attributable to Premier Daniel Andrews

“Keeping kids home from school was a vital part of slowing the spread of coronavirus before, and it will be vital to our efforts again.”

“As a father of three school-aged kids I know it won’t be easy for many parents, but we have to slow the spread of coronavirus to protect students, teachers and all Victorians.”


Different families will have different circumstances dictating whether or not they are in a position to care for their children and work from home. No guilt should be felt by anyone who must send their child to school. However, it is incumbent on all of us to do the right thing. If I am focussed on my health it goes without saying I am focussed on your health. If we all adopt this attitude, we will increase everyone’s chances of remaining well.

My view is that everyone who works at Ivanhoe Primary School is a frontline worker. If one goes down all the community goes down and the school will be closed for “deep cleaning”. Be assured I am motivated by providing the best possible education to every child and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for everyone that comes into contact with the school – staff, students and parents / carers.

One difference from last time is that the Minister has said parents of students with a disability, funded or not funded, may return their children to school from July 20th to undertake the remote learning program. It was also said they may not choose to attend every day of the week, and that parents may use a day, or days, as a respite.  That it is their choice. Please exercise this choice wisely. One or two days negotiated each week may be enough to provide support without substantially increasing the population on site.

As we did last time, a weekly form will be made available on the Thursday prior to each week so you can alert us to attendance requirements so we can adequately staff the school. The Canteen, Strings, Chess  and other extra curricula programs will not be operating during “remote school”, parents will not be able to access the site and you are encouraged to wait until Tuesday’s communication from your child’s teacher before contacting them with questions or for information.


Quote attributable to Minister for Education James Merlino

“I know a return to flexible and remote learning will be a challenge for many, but I am sure our principals, teachers, support staff, students and families will once again do us proud.”


At this stage we know as much as you do, and I will communicate all relevant information to you via COMPASS and Class DoJo as I receive it.  in the meantime, focus on enjoying the additional week of holidays.

As I have communicated previously. We have a strong and caring community at Ivanhoe Primary School, and I am certain that we can all pull together to support each other and provide the students with a quality education regardless of the circumstances in which it is delivered.

Thank you

Mark Kent