As you are no doubt aware the Premier, Daniel Andrews has extended the school holidays by a week.

This will serve several purposes,

not the least being the school’s capacity to prepare for another period of remote schooling should that be necessary.

Like last term, children of essential workers will be able to attend school next week and be cared for.

I am currently putting into place, staff to manage the small number of students we anticipate coming to school next week.

A form for essential workers, similar to that used last term to indicate those days on which children require care next week must be completed and emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  by 4pm Sunday 12th July. 


This will enable me to adequately staff a program of care which will more than likely operate out of the collaboration space / multipurpose room.

Teachers who will be at school, along with education support staff will be involved in making adjustments for a longer educational program for the term as well as participating in professional development to enable the IPS educational program to be the best it can possibly be should we return to “remote school”.

Further information regarding this will be communicated to you all just as soon as It is received.

Questions about the borrowing of equipment, supporting vulnerable families, and how the school will function beyond next week will be addressed as soon as we have clarity from the Premier and the education department on what will be expected of all schools.

In the meantime, please respect the Premier’s directive to keep your children at home for one more week unless you are an essential worker with no other means at your disposal to have your child/children supervised.

The following week, the start of the new school term, may look very different. So, let’s just get through next week and I will keep you informed and updated as new information regarding schools comes to light.

We have a strong and caring community at Ivanhoe Primary School, and I am certain that we can all pull together to support each other and provide the students with a quality education regardless of the circumstances in which it is delivered.

Thank you

Mark Kent