As a school, we are continually updated on and following the latest Government advice

on the COVID-19 pandemic . We remain vigilant and are taking sensible precautions to care for the IPS community.
This has meant that the upcoming GRIP Leadership Conference for grade 6 leaders, scheduled for Tuesday 17th March is now cancelled as it would have involved a gathering of more than 500 students and adults. 
As a precaution, we will cancel whole school assemblies until further notice and continue the practice of the Principal and Assistant Principal presenting Star of the Week awards in class.  Additionally, any large school gatherings of students will be re-worked and adjusted to become small group activities to limit contact.
The Banyule Artyfarty Fest and Grand Parade has been cancelled this weekend, therefore our students will not take part. Additionally, our grade 6 interschool sport has been cancelled due to independent schools no longer participating for the rest of this term.
We will postpone the Foundation Working Bee, scheduled for Sunday 22nd March until further notice and we will also hold off on booking the Grade 5 camp until further notice.  We will keep those affected informed.
The Mothers’ Day Breakfast scheduled for early Term 2 is cancelled. However, we will look at having a special event later in the year to celebrate mums and female carers contribution to our school.
We are working hard to protect our students and staff with regular reminders about hand washing, coughing and sneezing into elbows and ensuring we have the resources to facilitate this.
The situation is rapidly changing every day, and everyone is learning as they go. It's best to recognise that, at best, it's going to be a bumpy month or so. We will be working out the kinks and appreciate your support so that we are all able to adapt to whatever comes our way.
As we hear more, we will continue to keep you informed.

Mark Kent