Holidays can often mean more access to screen time

when children would often benefit more from being outside or engaging in more physical activities. I know from my own experience that children can mount compelling arguments for spending more time on a device and it can be difficult acquiesce to demands. However, it is possible to channel energies toward education outcomes and here are a couple of ideas that may prove useful.

Suggest they use various technologies to share ideas and show their creativity.  These might include:

  • Create a website with a specific interest in mind, such as a hobby, a sports team, or an historical event that interests them. 
  • Write a blog on a hobby or interest.
  • Write a short film script and then shoot the film using a mobile phone, tablet or video recorder. Use editing software to edit the film and create titles. Find digital film score music or sound effects to create mood and suspense.
  • Write a radio script and then record the script using a digital voice recorder or device.
  • Write a short story and record it using a mobile phone, tablet, or voice recorder. 
  • Write emails or instant messages to family members.
  • Use presentation or slide software to create presentations for the family about their holiday, or about something of personal interest.

Mark Kent