Research shows that 

families are the most significant influence on their children’s learning, development, health, safety and wellbeing. Through everyday activities at home you can also help them develop their numeracy skills, such as calculating and using numbers, recognising patterns, and using language to develop mathematical understanding. These literacy and numeracy activities are excellent opportunities for you to model key learning values such as enthusiasm, persistence and curiosity.

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Helping your child to speak and listen – Discussing news and current events.

As your child gets older, they become more aware of news and current events. Discussing news and current events can enrich your child’s understanding of the world. Questions are an effective way to encourage your child to think critically about an event and can help foster empathy. Questions also help your child to develop oral fluency when discussing social issues.

Questions you might ask when discussing a news story or current event include:

» What do you think caused the event?     » How do you think people will be affected?     » Is it fair?

» Why do you think people think that/do that?     » What do you think will happen next?     

» How could the problem be fixed?

Some other activities to develop your discussion:

» Read several articles together on the same issue to get different opinions. Then discuss the different opinions.

» Have a debate on a topic, with you and your child taking different sides of the issue.

» Download and listen to podcasts on an issue and discuss it.

» Discuss different “What if?” scenarios.

These will help develop your child’s problem solving, imagination and a healthy curiosity.