Being interested and involved in your children’s education is vital to engagement and learning.

You know how important it is to your child’s engagement and attitude towards school for you to show interest and participate in school-related activities. You make a point of attending as many school events as possible. You ask your child about specific learning at school. You take time to learn the names of their teachers. You ask to see examples of their schoolwork and find out what their favourite subjects are and why. There are literally hundreds of published research articles that show, without a shadow of a doubt, that parent interest and involvement in their children’s education is at the top of the list of ways which you can encourage high levels of achievement in your child.

Child and Parent Factors That Impact Child Anxiety

There is also a considerable body of research has identified various child and parent factors that contribute to and maintain anxiety symptoms in children. 

Regardless of the study you choose to follow nothing beats a loving supportive relationship that encourages your child to thrive.

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